About Us

We are a customer-focused, collaborative team of multidisciplinary experts who design and build industrial and embedded computing solutions for a diverse range of applications. We aim to combine our people, technical knowledge and facilities to enable us to develop and manufacture quality products swiftly in an open and friendly manner.

Who We Are

With a history spanning more than 30 years, we think it’s important to share it with you.

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We comply with industry and business standards to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

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Rewarding work in a company that cares about you. Interested? Take a look at our current vacancies.

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From Start to Finish

We provide value to our customers in our ability solutions from an idea through to distribution. We design and build both off-the-shelf and custom solutions at our purpose-built facility here in Cheshire (UK). We typically take our customer’s projects from initial specification, through design, manufacturing and into distribution. We can further finalise the end product by pre-loading custom images and applications, attaching peripheral add-ons, and by pre-testing the units before shipping directly to your customer.

Rework station for board repair

Long-Term Support

Part of our offering to all customers, regardless of size, is the long-term support we provide. This can cover the initial specification stage where your idea or project may need some further development all the way through to managing the long-term lifecycle of the end product itself, ensuring it remains available to you for years to come.

We understand that product changes cost money and we work extremely hard to protect you from unwanted changes during your product’s lifecycle. We work closely with key players across the industry to ensure we can make strategic choices in the silicon and peripherals for maximum product life. All our new products are designed for long manufacturing lives, typically for more than five years, though our products are usually in production for much longer than this.

Flexibility to Support Every Customer

Our lean nature, cross-skilled engineers, tools, technologies and manufacturing capabilities allow us to work with customers in any industry, of any size, with any sort of product. We work with businesses across all industries including rail, marine, automation, security, medical and others. We work with both SMEs and corporations, and we develop brand new products as well as upgrade existing product ranges. Through all of this, we have built up a practical understanding of the different requirements encountered in different industries.

We have extensive experience in designing and building computers, software and enclosures for industrial and embedded applications. We regularly work with all major operating systems – Windows, Linux and Android – as well as the latest processors based on x86 and ARM architectures.

Over more than thirty years we’ve built up a comprehensive range of resources and facilities which can be brought to bear on your project. We’re uniquely positioned to be able to offer UK design and manufacture at both board and system level.

If you have any questions or you are looking for a UK-based solutions provider to assist you with your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.