We’re delighted to work on some incredibly exciting projects that see the products we design and manufacture in the hands of anyone from train operators and medical professionals to military personnel and car mechanics.

We’re proud of the contribution of every single member of our team. On a daily basis, we come together to collaborate, innovate and make our customers happy. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for talented people to join us.

4 Reasons to Join Us

1. The work we do is energising.

Whether it’s solving a technical problem or coming up with a new idea, our work challenges and motivates people. We believe this is the key to job satisfaction and so we empower individuals to take on these challenges, developing their skills and expertise in the process.

2. We have a culture of openness.

We’re a friendly, approachable team, always sharing information with each other (made easy by our open plan office and manufacturing areas). Transparency and honesty help to make our workplace more relaxed and ensures the contribution of every team member is appreciated.

Blue Chip Technology staff group photo

3. Our team enjoy fantastic benefits.

Our people are our number one asset, so it should come as no surprise that we make a point of looking after them. Flexible starting hours, free food and drink in our canteen, subsidised social activities, healthcare, life insurance and – best of all – an early finish on a Friday are all benefits that every member of staff enjoys.

Our management team have also invested in individuals, helping them to achieve a variety of qualifications designed to help expand and improve their skillsets.

4. We’re situated in a beautiful location.

We like to think we do things a bit differently and our location is something that fits the bill. Although we have a purpose-built manufacturing facility where we build the products we’ve designed, we’re located on a modern business park instead of an industrial estate. Instead of smoke stacks and warehouses, we have views of the stunning Welsh hills. What more could you ask for?

In terms of practicalities, we’re also in a good location for commuting. We’re a short drive from Wrexham and Chester, and Crewe isn’t far either.

Our Departments

We have five departments within Blue Chip Technology, so there’s a good chance there will be a place for you within our company.


Skilled in hardware or software development? Our Engineering team designs new hardware, develops software and provides technical support to our customers.


Prefer to be ‘hands-on’? Our Manufacturing team builds and tests our products both by hand and with the assistance of advanced automated technology.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a negotiator? Our Purchasing team works with suppliers around the world to ensure the on-time delivery and high quality of the components we use.

Business Support

From Finance to HR to IT, our Business Support team ensures the smooth running of the business.

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales approach is more laid back than most. We aim to help customers in any way we can and our customers appreciate this.

If you want to join a company that really cares about its staff, the opportunity to work on some amazing projects and enjoy the rewards of your hard work then take a look at Blue Chip Technology’s current vacancies.