Beta 712 Series of Touch Screen Modules
Whilst there are numerous ARM based single board computers (SBC) on the market these days that all claim to be low cost and ideal for product development engineers are still blessed with interfacing the SBC with the chosen LCD and touch screen and then integrating into a stylish enclosure. Whilst at first sight this should “only take a few days” the reality is often different as the video signals are frequently running at 30MHz and higher which puts a demand on not only controlling the impedance of the interconnections but also have a significant impact on EMC emissions.¬†When volume manufacturing is added to the mix then often engineers can lose large periods of time investigating and then debugging “faulty” units that can work one day and fail the next. For low to medium volume products what starts out a collection of low cost components can often consume a large amount of cost for resource, approvals and time that has to be amortised over the product life. When product management is added to the mix then the actual cost per unit is often much higher than the sum of the parts.

Blue Chip Technology’s new Beta range of touch computers provides a solution to this problem. Based on their new low cost TM1 processor module the Beta range delivers reliable, CE approved, stable solutions that are competitively priced and off the shelf. Whilst life is rarely as simple of “just adding software and take it to market” the new Beta range gets closer than any other product.

The Beta range is designed to also allow easy customisation so that if you need alternative functions/interfaces then we can provide this at a very low cost.