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At Blue Chip Technology we design and manufacture our own products AND we offer a custom design and manufacturing service too.

Finding a company that has the knowledge, skills and experience to design x86 (PC) or ARM based product is rare. Finding one that can also provide seamless manufacturing, support and product management for the life of your product is well, even more rare.¬†Blue Chip Technology is different to most companies, we offer a complete solution from your product’s concept to its end of life.

We continue to buck the trends. When companies were outsourcing their manufacturing to low cost countries Blue Chip Technology continued investment into our in house manufacturing team and equipment.

We enjoy having all our engineers on site here at Blue Chip Technology and together with our wide range of equipment we are an ideal partner to design, verify, validate, manufacture, test and approve your next product.

Why not contact us now to find out how we can bring your next product to reality quickly, cost effectively and without drama?