Enclosure Design

We pride ourselves on our ability to design complete products including microprocessors, electronics, BIOS/firmware operating system and enclosures. We are very experienced in designing enclosures for our own and our customer’s products with the following components:

  • Plastic – injection mould, vac form, etc
  • Extrusion – aluminium
  • Sheet Metal – aluminium, stainless steel, steel, etc
  • Cable assemblies – rail, marine, military, industrial, etc
  • Passive cooling – heat pipes, etc

We use the Creo Parametric 3D CAD system (which used to be called Pro Engineer) which can seamlessly integrate with CAD models authored in other systems so if you already have an existing design or concept we can build a solution from that if you wish.

Our Creo Parametric 3D supports solid modeling, direct modeling, Robust assembly modeling, detailed documentation including 2D and 3D drawings, technical surfacing, freestyle surfacing, sheet metal modeling, cable modelling, etc.

We have a large bed 3D printer which enables us to turn your ideas into a tangible usable prototypes in hours.

As an example, the image above shows one of designs which is a dual redundant PC rail system that is hermetically sealed, passively cooled, operates across wide temperatures and 95% condensing humidity. Look carefully and you will see the cable glands for the cables to exit the electronic section (the internal cable assemblies are not shown to simplify the image) and the heat pipes (brown in colour) that transport the heat away from the processors and other power consuming components out to the finned external aluminium tub that provides the passive cooling for the system. The system was designed to form a key component for a driverless train system in a major city. It took just 5 months to design all the mechanical and electronics and having a working prototype. The formal rail approval testing took a further three months which the system passed with flying colours. The system has now gone live and more systems are being delivered.

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