Development Boards

HB5 & TM1 45 D Top 500_330HB3

Our range of development boards are intended for engineers to use to evaluate our Computer on Modules (COMs).

Our HB3 provides a wealth of functionality in a Mini ITX form factor (170 x 170mm) including Power Over Ethernet, second Ethernet port, digital IO, Zigbee, etc. We can supply the schematics for each of our development boards, under NDA, so that you can leverage our experience and help you get to market as quickly as possible  with minimal risk.

Our HB5, HB6 , HB7 and HB8 serve a slightly different purpose. Whilst they still are intended for you to use and evaluate our COMs they also combine with our TM1 COM, injection moulded bezel and metalwork to make up our new Beta range of Touch HMIs.