Single Board Computers (SBCs)


Our high-performance, low power single board computers are designed, manufactured and tested on-site, and combined with our extensive experience, saves you both time and money in your product development process.

We produce a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ SBCs (such as our RE1, RE2, RE3 and Magnum T40E products) that feature some configurable elements, providing enough flexibility for most applications. Alternatively, if our off-the-shelf single board computers do not suit your requirements, we can design a custom solution just for you at a lower cost and commitment than you might expect.


Our SBC Expertise

We have been designing single board computers for over 25 years and have a wealth of experience in board design and production using x86 (PC) and RISC (ARM & MIPS) architectures.

We use the latest components and advanced technologies, as well as provide ongoing support, to ensure our products are highly reliable and available for many years to come.

We regularly produce SBCs for both standard and harsh industrial environments. We can design and manufacture SBCs for rugged enclosures and wide temperature ranges, and to ensure permanence and risk avoidance.

Our experience in a wide variety of markets – aerospace, medical, oil & gas and rail, for example – means we have an understanding of your product requirements and the characteristics of the environment within which it will be used.



Every single board computer is backed by our in-house design and manufacturing teams who provide in-depth technical support, 3D CAD images, technical drawings and documentation, working with you to find solutions for the technical challenges you may have.

We support a wide range of operating systems – including Linux, Android and Windows –  which can be pre-loaded on to the SBCs before being delivered to you. We can also develop drivers and software applications that can be pre-loaded if required.

If you need an enclosure for your SBC, we can design and 3D-print a prototype before proceeding to production using plastic, sheet metal or another material.

We can also supply peripherals and connections with our SBCs.

All of our off-the-shelf single board computers have a 36-month warranty.