ARM/MIPS Single Board Computers

The RE series of embedded single board computers from Blue Chip Technology are the perfect fit for low-power, low-cost,small form factor devices. Our RE boards have low power consumption for the performance that they offer and are about the same footprint as a playing card. From the entry level RE1 embedded single board computer through the versatile RE2 with onboard ARM Cortex A8 and DSP to the high performance RE3 which offers single, dual or quad core processing combined with amazing graphics (dual independent displays) and a wide range of interfaces.

All of the important interfaces needed to provide a solid embedded platform are present – 512MB/1GB Flash memory, Serial Ports (3), 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet, Audio, Touch Screen controller, optional SD, USB Host Ports, USB Device Port and 12 general purpose I/Os. The RE2 offers onboard WiFi and Bluetooth, whilst the RE3 offers a Mini-PCIe socket for wireless communications (2G/3G/WiFi/etc) and a CAN port as standard. Operating Systems include Linux (RE1/RE2/RE3), Android (RE2 & RE3) and of course Windows CE 6.0 (RE1/RE2) / Windows Embedded Compact 7 (RE2) and shortly Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (RE3) Operating Systems. Contact Blue Chip Technology Sales for the appropriate Board Support Package (BSP) to speed up your application development.

All our RE embedded single board computers can be bought as individual items or as part of our REsolution display kit, which brings together all the basic building blocks needed for a versatile embedded HMI module. The resulting package is an integrated solution which is small and low power for fanless operation. You don’t have to manage the associated issues of integrating a display and embedded board – the mounting, cabling, signalling, power and connectors are all sorted out. The whole package is managed for long term availability and problem free fit, form and function upgrades.

If you require an enclosed touch screen computer then check out our Alpha and Beta ranges.