Low Cost Touch Screen Modules

Our Beta Touch Screen Modules and HMIs are the ideal platforms to help you create your new touch screen based product quickly. With a wide range of display sizes, touch screen technologies and peripheral interfaces the Beta range offers an unrivalled choice with off the shelf availability. All the Beta range are already certified to the latest Radio, EMC and Environmental regulations. So you can focus on writing your application and, if necessary, adding your additional electronics. Our development kits are low cost and in stock so just select your operating system to get started. Reduce your costs and get to your market faster with Beta Touch Screen Modules. Read more….

Alpha 1213 Front RevisedRugged Touch Screen Modules

Our Alpha HMIs are based on high performance Cortex ARM processors and deliver an impressive array of technology in a very compact unit. The machined aluminium front panel not only exudes quality but also is extremely rugged and allows a wide range of mounting options. The Alpha touch screen computer has been successfully tested to the current EMC approvals and has also passed our demanding thermal and reliability tests.

With LCD sizes from 4.3″ to 12.1″ each Alpha can be supplied with either Windows, Android or Linux  operating systems and is the ideal platform to swiftly develop your new touch screen application. Read more….

Ultima 2M 45 DVideo Wall Controllers

Our latest Ultima Video Wall Controllers have been designed especially to support the award winning Matrox Mura MPX graphics controllers. The Ultima 2M which offers a refreshingly stylish and quiet solution for Boardrooms and similarly demanding environments. Whilst the Ultima 5M provides a rack mount powerhouse with 5 PCI-E x16 slots that can run at full bandwidth 24/7 to support the larger video walls. All our video wall controllers have been tested by Matrox and are approved to work with their range of graphics products. Read more….

9_Ultima4UwebwcRack and Bench Top Computers

Our Ultima computers are premium, semi-customisable platforms for applications requiring a superior solution. The stainless steel chassis is as durable as it is attractive; its polished lines reflect Blue Chip Technology’s reputation for outstanding quality and design. The Ultima computer  systems can be specified for enhanced system redundancy, extended operating temperatures, intensive processing and industry specific regulations. Design and manufactured to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week the Ultima is the safe choice for your demanding requirement.

Our Vario compact computers offer performance, reliability and flexibility in unusually compact packages. As an engineering company we make sure that our products are designed and manufactured to work to their maximum performance day in day out. For example, we ensure that the processors never exceed their specified maximum temperatures even when they are pushed to the maximum CPU, GPU and memory limits. This is achieved by designing and fitting suitable enclosures and cooling solutions that manage the internal environment within the component limits. Read more….

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