The all-in-one embedded touch display module.

Simplify your touch screen integration.
Beta units are made from a host board, a processor module and a touch screen display


Integrated hostboard, processor module and LCD touch screen saves you time, lowers cost and reduces risk.


Flexible Configuration

From screen size to connectivity, each Beta module can be configured to suit a variety of applications.


Technical Support

We make our Beta units in the UK and every customer will benefit from full technical support with a reassuring product lifecycle.


Choice of Operating System

Runs Android and Linux which can be pre-loaded. Just load your own application to get started.

Simple touch screen integration.

Interfacing an embedded computer with an LCD and touch screen is known to be a complex undertaking, often delaying projects as engineers meet technical challenges when driving high-speed video signals.

We've taken care of all of this, allowing you to focus on developing your end product and get it to market more quickly.

Ready to go.

A wealth of features and connectivity comes as standard - plus the ability to connect your own PCB via the dedicated connector - which allows you to easily integrate your Beta with your other systems or circuits.

Furthermore, all Beta embedded display modules are certified to the latest EMC and environmental regulations, saving you time otherwise spent on testing.

Just add your application.

The Beta embedded display modules can come pre-loaded with Android or Linux (future models will support Windows), and come with all the drivers needed to get things running.

For Android, our in-house engineers have developed the necessary software extensions (APIs) to support non-standard interfaces, such as LAN, RS232, RS485, GPIO, CAN and more.

The    Range

Embedded touchscreen with horizontal connections for minimum depth. Ideal for panel mounting.

Identical to the H model but with vertical connections for minimum width. Rear cover available.

Communications-focused unit with optional battery operation and automotive approved PSU connector.


  = Standard      = Option

Series Name Beta H Series Logo Beta V Series Logo Beta C Series Logo
Model Name 432H 712H 432V 712V 432C 712C
Screen Size 4.3" 7.1" 4.3" 7.1" 4.3" 7.1"
Resistive or Capacitive Touch            
LAN   (1)   (1)   (1)   (1)    
USB Host   (1)   (1)   (1)   (1)   (2)   (2)
USB Device   (1)   (1)   (1)   (1)   (1)   (1)
RS232   (2)   (2)   (2)   (2)   (2)   (2)
RS232 / 422 / 485   (1)   (1)   (1)   (1)   (1)   (1)
GPIO   (12)   (12)   (12)   (12)   (5)   (5)
Class D            
CAN           (2)   (2)
Light Sensor            
Automotive-Approved PSU            
Rear Cover            
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