Product Description

Our HB3 is the latest development host board specifically designed to support the RM series of System on Module
products from Blue Chip Technology. The HB3 provides the ideal platform, together with your chosen RM module, to
start your application software development and also to provide a working example of the design package to base your
new product on. With its wide array of interfaces, functions and different power sources the HB3 can reduce your new
product development time and get you to market faster.
Please note that the HB3 includes support for all the RM modules currently available and for the forthcoming modules.

Our aim is to help you develop your product as quickly as possible and we therefore make the HB3 schematics (in pdf format) available so that you can either understand the way that the HB3 works or so that you can leverage the proven circuitry if you wish to design your own hostboard for our RMx series of processors.

In addition we make our design engineers available to answer your questions or, if you wish, check your designs. All without charge.