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RE2 – ARM Cortex A8 OMAP

Our RE2 is a high-performance, ultra low power embedded single board computer with onboard DSP, high resolution video playback with strong communications interfaces. Despite being powered by a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 core with 800MHz C64x DSP, the power dissipation is typically only 2 to 3 watts.

The RE2 is able to drive displays including RGB (TTL/CMOS), LVDS and DVI/HDMI.

Standard and extended temperature (40°C to +85°C) versions are available.

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Product Description

  • Texas Instruments AM3730 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 with 800MHz C64x DSP
    • Neon Floating Point
    • Power VR Graphics Engine
    • Open GL ES 2.0 Support
    • HD MPEG-4 Video Decoder
  • Memory & Storage
    • 256MB Low Power DDR Memory
    • 512MB NAND Flash
    • MicroSD socket
  • USB
    • Four USB 2.0 host ports
    • One USB 2.0 device port
  • Serial
    • Two RS232 and RS485 serial ports
    • I2C
    • SPI
  • GPIO channels
    • 12 off I/O
  • Camera port
    • BT656 Compliant
    • VIP Plug in module to support composite video input – optional
  • Audio
  • Onboard Wi-fi and Bluetooth with UFL connectors
    • Wifi
      • 802.11 b/g
      • 2.4GHz
    • Bluetooth
  • Video
    • DVI/HDMI
    • RGB (TTL/CMOS)
    • LVDS
  • Power Input
    • 7 to 36 volt DC

Additional Information

Operating System

Windows, Linux




MicroSD 8GB, 512MB NAND


3.3 Volt


Resistive, Projected Capacitance


USB 2, USB 1.1

Operating Temperature

-20 to 85 degrees Centigrade, 0 to 70 Degrees Centigrade

Serial Comunications

SPI, RS485, RS422, RS232, I2C


4.3″ Resolution = 480 x 272, Brightness = 380 cd/m2, 5.7″ Resolution- 640 x 480, Brightness = 350 cd/m2, 7″ Resolution = 800 x 480, Brightness = 800 cd/m2, 7″ Resolution = 800 x 480, Brightness = 380 cd/m2, 10.1″ Resolution = 1024 x 600, Brightness = 350 cd/m2, 12.1″ Resolution = 1280 x 800, Brightness = 400 cd/m2


ARM Cortex A8



Input Voltage

7 to 36 Volts DC




10/100 Mbit

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An enclosure is available for the RE2. Please see below for photographs of the enclosure with a RE2 fitted.

Note that the enclosure supports a variety of additional connectors (RS232/422/485, SMA for Wifi/BT, 3G, GPS, etc). Please tell us your required connections and we will be happy to quote for the RE2 fitted in the enclosure and wired to your needs.

REx Enclosure

RE Enclosure Front View

REx Enclosure Rear

RE Enclosure Rear View

REx Enclosure Side

RE Enclosure Side View


RE2 Product Information V003

RE2 User Guide

Linux Manual for BCT RE2 V100

Windows CE6 & CE7 Manual for RE2


Configuration Utility

Windows support

Windows CE6 V3.05

RE2 Single Board Computer CE6 SDK BSP v3.05

Windows EC7 V3.04

RE2 Single Board Computer EC7 SDK BSP v3.04

Linux Support (for the latest 1GHz version of the RE2)

Latest Source Code for Linux & Uboot plus Tool Chain

Demo Ubuntu Root Filesystem in tar format

Ubuntu Raw SD Card Image – unzip and copy on to an 8GB SD card using Linux DD command

We have included some of the popular questions and answers here to help new users:

  • Question: How can I set up the video timings to match my LCD?
  • Answer: Our RE2 has a unique utility which you can easily set up the video timings to  match your chosen LCD. The utility allows you to set the resolution, dot clock speed, front, back porches, vertical and horizontal sync polarities and widths. To our knowledge there is not a better (nor easier) way to set up the video on a single board computer.
  • Question: How can I set up a custom splash screen for my display?
  • Answer: Our RE2 has a unique utility which you can easily set up your chosen splash screen in just a couple of clicks of your mouse. It will even scale most images to match your LCD resolution.
  • Question: Can the RE operate at processor speeds other than 1GHz?
  • Answer: Yes, we provide a utility (for Windows CE/EC) that enables you to run the RE2 processor speed at lower speeds should you wish. For other operating systems we can provide details how to vary the processor speed.
  • Question: Is the RE2 Wifi and Bluetooth approved to R&TTE?
  • Answer: Yes. We have had the RE2 and recommended antenna tested to R&TTE. provided that you follow our recommendations then your product could benefit from our testing.
  • Question: Can you supply RE2s with parts removed if we do not need them (e.g. Camera, Wifi, etc)
  • Answer: Yes. We can. Provided that you place an order for at least 100 units then we will set up our Surface Mount Machines to place the components to your requirements. Also we will need to check that the components that you do not want to be fitted do not adversely affect our test rigs.
  • Question: What operating systems do you support on the RE2?
  • Answer: We currently support Windows CE 6.0 R3, Windows EC7, Ubuntu Linux and we have beta versions of Android in progress.14.04 LTS.
  • Question: Is there an extended temperature version of the RE2 available?
  • Answer: Yes there is. It has an operating temperature specification of -40 to +85 degrees centigrade. The standard temperature range is 0 to 70 degrees centigrade.


Example Part Number: RE2-SBC-OMAP-1Gz-TE-O3-U1-L710-M1-E0-P1-B1-D0

T[x]          Temperature:                  0°C to 70°C: S, -40°C to +85°C: E

O[x]         Operating System:         CE6: 1, EC7: 2, Linux Ubuntu: 3, Linux Bootloader: 4, Custom Image: 5

U[x]         uSD Card Size:               8GB: 1, Not Required: 0

L[xxx]     TFT LCD Size:                 3.5″: 350, 4.3″: 430, 5.7″: 570, 7.1″: 710, 10.1″: 101, 12.1″: 121, Not Required: 000

M[x]       Mounting Metalwork       Required (350, 430, 570, 710 only): 1, Not Required: 0

E[x]        Add on Module:               CM1: 1, VIP: 2, Not Required: 0

P[x]        Power Supply                    Required: 1, Screw Terminal Connection (No Power Supply): 2, No Power Supply: 0,

B[x]        Battery                               Cell via On Board Header: 1,  No Battery Required: 0D[x]CD Required: 1, Not Required: 0