Our in-house teams, coupled with technology and tools available to them, enable us to offer services that stretch from the very beginnings of a new project to long after its conclusion. We utilise the same services when developing our off-the-shelf products as we do when working on custom solutions for customers that need specific requirements.

Core Services

Board Design

Our in-house electronics engineers have a wealth of experience designing embedded computing products, from single board computers to modular touchscreen systems.

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Software Design

Our software engineers design and develop operating systems, applications and utilities with your engineers and end users in mind.

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Enclosure Design

We use advanced CAD tools and techniques, as well as 3D printing technology, to design and build enclosures for our industrial computer systems using a variety of materials.

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Our custom-built facility features an in-house manufacturing area where the production and configuration of our products takes place.

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Additional Services


We use bespoke test rigs and standardised processes to ensure every one of our products reaches our high standards for quality.

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Diagnostics & Repair

We have a dedicated team on hand, ready to diagnose and repair any faults that may develop in your product.

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Product Lifecycle Management

We take the lifecycle of our products very seriously, giving you confidence in supplying consistent products for years to come.

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Product Compliance

We can take care of all of your compliance requirements, made easier with our in-house EMC and thermal testing capabilities, letting you to focus on delivering the end product.

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Supply Chain Management

Our purchasing and supply teams have decades of experience dealing with manufacturers of anything from board-level components to steel enclosures.

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